04 Apr 2014

BioInitiative Working Group Announces “What’s New” link

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The BioInitiative Working Group is pleased to announce a new feature on this website called ‘What’s New’.   From time to time, we will post new information that is of interest to our readers.  This may include updated technical chapters, BioInitiative Working Group expert comments on scientific reviews, perspective pieces and individual commentaries, letters and press releases from the BioInitiative Working Group and important new developments on electromagnetic radiation issues.

In March and April, 2014, we updated four sections of the BioInitiative 2012 Report.

Updated Research Summaries

The Research Summaries by Dr. Lai include published scientific study references and abstracts.  These are invaluable resources that can are searchable by key words.  They identify the relevant peer-reviewed, published literature that reports on biological effects of non-ionizing radiation (ELF-EMF and RFR, and static field studies).

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